Ad Management

We will Build and Operate Your System

Our Ad Management service allows you to outsource a great volume of your advertising workload, including coordinating with advertisers, agencies, DSPs, SSPs, ad networks, ad tech companies, and media companies providing advertising platforms.

Media Companies, Media Representatives, Advertising Agencies, Affiliate Companies, DSP/SSP Companies, Other Ad Technology Businesses, etc.

What We’ll Achieve
Our professional staff and efficient operations management system will ensure that you receive a cost-effective and flawless professional service.

Scope of E-Guardians Ad Management Work


The staff at our non-stop 24/7 E-Guardian operation center — who are highly experienced in business operations and online advertising — will manage your advertising and resolve problems with precision control.

Calculating Your Quote: Step by Step

Backed up by our extensive experience in ad management, we aim to become your ideal business partner.

Aiming for ad management that will boost your satisfaction ratings

  • Rapid responses
  • Accurate answers
  • Creating a system that is resistant to mistakes and delays

Aiming to reduce your man hours (management costs, operational costs)

  • Expansion and handing over of operations
  • Reduction in man hours
  • Proposals for improving your system and standards

Service Overview

Step 1: Calculate the expected number of man hours

  1. We start with the existing number of man hours, and then factor in how many will be saved through greater efficiency.
  2. We make calculations based on consultation and sample materials.


Step 2: Select a service policy

  • In-House Service
    Prioritizes security and ease of communication.
  • Center-Based Service
    Prioritizes workload control, 24/7 support, etc.


Step 3: Write your quote (approximate example)

  • In-House Service
    400 to 600 thousand yen per person per month*Can dispatch personnel or outsource the role
  • Center-Based Service
    300 to 500 thousand yen per person per month

Service Policy


We belong to the Consulting Partner Program

We can now offer a fusion of the latest cloud computing technology and custom application, enabling us to resolve our customers’ problems with greater speed and versatility, and to build a system that allows us to provide an even more efficient service to all our business customers.

Our exclusive partnership with AD-Flow — a company boasting top ranking in Japan for ad creation and positioning — allows us to handle a huge volume of advertising operations, gives us access to more expertise on ad submission, and lets us work on technological


 Examples of companies that use the ADFlow Advertising Management System(banner ads, mail magazines, etc.)

Examples of companies that use the ADFlow Advertising Management System (banner ads, mail magazines, etc.)

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Advantages of E-Guardian

  1. Sound Business Record Business with over 300+ websites, Leading Company in the Industry! BIGLOBE, MT, BANDAI NAMCO Games, CCC, @nifty, CA.MOBILE, Infoseek 楽天, Sammy NetWorks
  2. Customizable Service Customizable Operation and Management Meet the Feature of Website!
  3. Quality Assurance Free Trial Available to Experience the High Quality Service.
  4. Reasonable Cost and Speed “Thorough Quality Control” = Low Cost, Speedy Operation in Tokyo and Osaka Center