The Service's Strengths and Points

  1. Container type

    The WAF in Container type makes it possible to make comparison based on provision type.

  2. Type Comparison (Issues)

  3. Advanced WAF signature

    With advanced log analysis, it can detect and prevent attack signatures through pattern matching.

  4. Cloud Native Support

    Container type can operate with Kubernetes and support auto scale. Also, Container type allows the WAF to be adjustable according to the usage of the system leading to high cost performance in various situations.

Next-generation WAF adaptable and applicable to any circumstances

"GUARDIAX" is a next-generation firewall product that uses AI to protect web applications from cyber-attacks. Conventionally, engineers have two dilemmas for the Cloud WAF.

  • Existing WAFs cannot make the most of Cloud diversity
  • WAFs provided by Cloud providers have complicated settings and operations that lead to errors

Our product conquers these two dilemmas by providing the WAF in Container type. This is the first commercial version of the WAF in the Japanese market * 1 In short, the WAF can be easily introduced into any circumstances regardless of On-Premise or Cloud environments, and is a easy to be managed.
The product has two types, SaaS type and Container type, which makes it possible to flexibly adapt to both the small-scale and the large-scale systems * 2.
In addition, Hiroshi Tokumaru, a pioneer in the field of Web security, supervises this product as a security advisor utilizing knowledge backed by field experiences at the forefront of security.

Container type service image

SaaS type service image

* 1 As of November 11, 2019, based on our research
* 2 SaaS type only as of November 2019. Container type will be available from 2020

Overview of GUARDIAX, Next-generation Cloud security made in Japan

  • High detection WAF function (blocks website attacks)
  • Automatic analysis defense by AI * 3
  • IPS / IDS function (blocks network attacks) * 3
  • User layer security (illegal user action, operation detection) * 3
  • Vulnerability scanning function (automatically performs system security check) * 3
  • Advanced log analysis function (supports big data analysis of web access) * 3

* 3 This function will be added from 2020

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