Web-Monitoring System (E-Trident)

A web-monitoring system from E-Guardian, the experts in online monitoring.

A web-monitoring system brought to you by the industry leading company, E-Guardian. By minimizing the number of posts that need to be checked in-person, and speeding up the screening process, using E-Trident can reduce your web-monitoring costs. We also provide a dedicated comment monitoring plugin for content management systems like Movable Type and WordPress, making it easy to connect and start monitoring at any time.

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The E-Trident web-monitoring system provides solutions to issues like…

  • The high cost of monitoring posts made to your company’s site.
  • The volume of new posts makes in-person monitoring unfeasible.
  • A lack of in-house monitoring resources.


E-Trident lets you reduce how much you spend on web-monitoring


Fewer in-person checks

Advanced filtering technology cuts down the number of posts that need to be checked in-person.


Higher Processing Speed

The user interface is designed to maximize monitoring speed.

Advanced Filtering Technology

Our technology reduces the need for in-person inspection by automatically identifying which posts are suitable for publication.

Drawing on expertise gained through years of experience, and referring to a store of information accumulated through our day-to-day monitoring work, we can block content posted by malicious users attempting to slip through the monitoring net.

In addition, by using the filtering system that best fits your service — a black & white word filter for social networks and blogs/forums, or an artificial intelligence filter for reviews and comments — we can provide the quality you demand at the price you want.

A user interface that speeds up monitoring

E-Trident is equipped with a meticulously designed user interface that optimizes the monitoring process, allowing each of our operators to process as many as 4000 posts per hour (based on our performance statistics).

We also enhance monitoring quality by devising ways to minimize human error, such as by highlighting suspicious words.


  • Want to leave your entire monitoring workload to E-Guardian? Choose our manned monitoring service
  • We provide a comment monitoring plugin for content management systems like Movable Type and WordPress.

We urge your company to introduce and enjoy the benefits of E-Trident, the dedicated web-monitoring system that was born out of E-Guardian’s 10-year performance record in the field.

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