Customer Support for Apps and Games

E-Guardian’s customer support for smartphone apps and online games helps you establish a secure and comfortable environment for your users to enjoy native smartphone apps, large-scale MMOs, PC browser games, and smartphone apps like GREE and Mobage. We will take care of your customer support duties, and, through initiatives like promotions to boost user activity, contribute to reducing your costs while raising user satisfaction ratings.

With our extensive experience supporting users of over 300 apps and games, you can depend on us to take care of your customer support needs.


      • Service Planning
        Backed up by our track record working with 700 games and apps for 70 different companies, we’ll plan, pitch, and run your support service. *Includes extensive experience with RightNow and Technomark Mail.
      • Service Hours
        Service is available from 9.00 to 18.00, including weekends and holidays (8-hour working days). 24-hour service is also available.
        *Please contact us to find out more about service hours.
      • Service Parameters
        You can also choose us to be your primary customer support provider on weekends and holidays only. We can even offer game items as compensation.
        *We can give out game items and make announcements as required. Please contact us to find out more.
        *If you wish, we can provide additional services outside of business hours, like performing login checks, giving away game items, and making announcements. Please contact us to find out more.

Service Policy

We aim to be your ideal customer support partner, one that values a user-oriented approach.

Aiming for customer support that raises user satisfaction

  • Rapid responses
  • Accurate answers
  • Support in developing games that attract fewer enquiries

Aiming to reduce your man hours (management costs, operation costs)

  • Expansion and handing over of your customer support services
  • Reduction in man hours
  • Proposals to reduce the volume of enquiries

【What We’ll Achieve】

  • We’ll help grow a loyal fan base for your games, and improve sales.
  • We’ll compile concrete data on user experience to help you make informed improvements to your company’s games.
  • We’ll reduce your customer support workload as much as possible, leaving you to focus on game planning and development.

Merits of E-Guardian’s Game and App Customer Support Service

We aim to provide a more efficient service while still raising quality

More Enquiries Answered, Fewer Escalated

By making sure that answers to escalated enquiries get turned into template answers and added to the knowledge base on the spot, we prevent the same enquiry from getting escalated more than once.

We Assign Experienced Game Support Staff

We assign a member of staff who has the knowledge and experience to compose draft responses for the sorts of enquiries typical to the gaming world.

Impressive Track Record

We’ve run customer support for over 700 games (mainly large-scale) from 70 different companies. We can provide a versatile service, including mail and phone support, alive monitoring and site monitoring.

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Advantages of E-Guardian

  1. Sound Business Record Business with over 300+ websites, Leading Company in the Industry! BIGLOBE, MT, BANDAI NAMCO Games, CCC, @nifty, CA.MOBILE, Infoseek 楽天, Sammy NetWorks
  2. Customizable Service Customizable Operation and Management Meet the Feature of Website!
  3. Quality Assurance Free Trial Available to Experience the High Quality Service.
  4. Reasonable Cost and Speed “Thorough Quality Control” = Low Cost, Speedy Operation in Tokyo and Osaka Center