Code of Conduct and Quality Policy

Management Principle

We Guard All
To provide all of the internet users a secured and safe internet access.

Our Promise


We are responsible for all internet users.
Our goal is to have everyone use the internet at ease and securely through our services.

In addition, we are also responsible for every companies that offer internet services.
We aim to develop our partnership with companies having the same goals as ours by being acknowledged as a good mentor.
For that reason, we assure to develop and provide the best Social Web Services that can make users feel relieved by always giving effort for advancement and improvement.
We will keep on providing high quality and high-value added services for a reasonable price.

2.Company Employees

We have the responsibility over all of our company employees.
We give proper credit to our employees and ensure that they have a working environment where they can do their tasks with their minds at ease.
And order to fulfill those, we promise them the following:

  • We will assign a capable and just supervisor.
  • For skilled individuals, we shall prepare opportunities for employment and skill development.
  • We shall make an appropriate goal setting and evaluation to keep a fair and appropriate treatment for everyone.
  • We shall maintain the cleanliness and order within the workplace, in order to maximize every employee's abilities.
  • We will give consideration to all of our employees so that they can, at the best of their abilities, fulfill their responsibilities to their families.
  • We will ensure an environment where employees can freely state their suggestions and complaints and we will highly take all of them into consideration.

The actions that we make will be grounded on the aforementioned promises, and will make sure that we will provide a fair and moral environment where every employees can do work worthy of doing.
Should there still be any dissatisfaction from the company employees, we will constantly make it a point to increase their satisfaction.
We recognize that each employee is a representative of the company, and will act according to our understanding of the management principles.


We have the responsibility for the community in which we live in.
By improving the internet literacy of the society, we will contribute to the maintenance of a healthy community and the healthy development of the internet society.
Through these activities, we will contriubute not only to the internet society but also to the harmonious solidarity with the real world.
Also, as a result, we will adhere to the laws and regulations, contribute to significant social projects and welfare, as well as be responsible in paying appropriate taxes as good citizens.


Lastly, we also have a responsibility to our shareholders.

  • We yield healthy profits through our business
  • We constantly try new things, continue with our research and development, and based on that we materialize the development of innovative products
  • We aim to create an environment where we learn from our past mistakes
  • We will provide a device platform based on the internet society that is independent of value

Through the execution of all these principles, We believe that we can continuously increase the corporate value and return proper profits to our shareholders.

Quality Policy

Customer Standard

Quality Policy Customer Standard
*Our company will acquire certification from ISMS.

"Quality is decided by our clients"

Through our communication with our clients, we will respond "Quickly","Flexibly"and"Powerfully" in order to meet their expectations.

Fundamental Plan of Actions regarding anti-social forces

We firmly confront antisocial groups and organizations that pose a threat to the order and safety of the civil society.