Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  1. E-guardian, Inc. along with its subsidiary companies (referred here as "our company") will collect personal information through legal and fair means considering the scale and the content of the project.
  2. As much as possible the purpose behind the collection, use and sharing of personal information will be specified in order to prevent any unauthorized use of the said information as well as compliance with the laws on the protection of personal information and the guidelines established by the government and other norms.
  3. In order to correct and protect the personal information we have gathered, our company will take appropriate measures concerning unauthorized access, as well as the loss, damage, falsification, and leak of those information. Also, we will continue the inspection in order to protect the personal information.
  4. Our company may share personal information to organizations as well as to outsourcing contractors who can comply with our personal information handling policy. However, we shall provide personal information to third parties only if it is required under the provisions of the law or in cases where there is a consent from the user.
  5. Should the processing of gathered personal information be outsourced, we will conduct it under the strict management of our company.
  6. Should you request for the disclosure of personal information from our company, please take note that we will respond to your request within a reasonable period after confirming your identity. In addition, should you wish to correct or delete any information, please be guided that we will handle complaints and consultations under a reasonable period.
  7. We will comply with the by laws made by the government and other norms related to the protection of personal information. At the same time, we will review its contents and continuously strive for improvement.

Date of Establishment: November 1, 2002
Date of Revision: August 1, 2018
E-guardian, Inc.
President Yasuhisa Takatani

About the Handling of Personal Information

E-guardian, Inc.
Management Officer of the Protection of Personal Information Yasuhisa Takatani

1. Companies acquiring and using personal information, would need to specify in advance the purpose of using personal information and will only be allowed to use it within that range. Should the need to use the personal information goes beyond the range of purpose previously stated, the person concern should first be contacted and they must agree to it before their information are used. Additionally, the purpose behind using personal information are as follows.

Customer's Personal Information (Personal Information that can be disclosed)

  • To confirm services dealt with this company as well as the confirmation of requests and payments
  • For the purpose of sending information related to the company's services
  • For the purpose of responding to inquiries and consulations
  • To confirm the identity of the person when we offered the company's services

Personal information of applicants (Personal Information that can be disclosed)

  • For the purpose of sharing information as well as to contact the applicant
  • For the purpose of managing applications for the company
  • For conducting work related to the management of employees

Personal information related in outsourced work (personal information that cannot be disclosed)

For implementation of outsourced work (project consultation for blog, SNS, online bulletins/real-time monitoring/user support/customer support for online games/investigation on compliance countermeasures, reputation, trend/planning and handling community sites and advertisement examination services/temporary employee placement)

Purpose of using the personal information of the company employees as well as their family (Personal Information that can be disclosed)

  • For the proper stationing of employees, other personnel management matters, payroll payment, other labor related matters
  • To be used as basis for the preparation of documents such as documents based on laws and other norms
  • Benefits for health and safety management
  • For education and training
  • For emergency contact

2. The option to disclose any personal information is left on your own discretion. However, in case you would not be able to provide the information we needed, we may not be able to provide the services you are requesting as it is stated in the purpose of obtaining and using personal information.

3. We will not disclose any form of personal information to third parties except during the following cases.

  • In case of being based on the law
  • When it is needed for the life of human and body or the protection of fortune, and difficult to get the agreement of the person
  • Only in case of need especially to improve public health or promote the child healthy cultivation, that is to get the agreement of the person
  • In case that the person that accepted the government agency or local public government or the trust is needed to cooperate against achievement of the office work which is established by the law, that is the case there is fear of causing trouble to achievement of particular office work by getting the person's agreement

4. As a trust company of personal information, we may trust provided personal information to third party within the scope of use purpose. Commissioned third party will be selected after we check they satisfy safety management standard of personal information, and we supervise appropriately under contract.

5. In our company, we will amend personal information, and if we make anonymously amended information, we will follow regulation on protection of personal information and according to this and conduct according to appropriate procedure, and necessary safety protection and appropriate review will be conducted based on safety management of personal information. Also when we provide anonymously amended information to third party, we will follow regulation on protection of personal information and conduct according to appropriate procedure.

6. If you request to disclose personal information, amend, disclose of provided personal information after deletion, amend of contents, addition, deletion, terminate of use, reject of deletion or submission (call it as "disclosure etc." below"), please request from below procedure.

Person who can require

The person who can require is himself/herself and legal or optional agent.
Regarding the person himself or herself, please note that we will confirm in need such as comparing with personal information we have. In case of the legal or optional agent, we will confirm in need by the copy of official certificates.

How to accept

Please contact directly to the following counter of personal information. Or demand by mail to the counter of personal information consultation with the copy of official certificate which can be confirmed the agent of law or option. If you need disclosure of the kept personal information, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of the use and deletion, please offer to the following inquiry desk.

Handling Charge

Free of Charge

Cases where we cannot assist in claiming

  • if there are mistakes or omissions in the invoice
  • if the identity of the person cannot be verified
  • if the power of authorization cannot be verified when making the claim through a representative
  • when the target of the claim does not fall under "personal information for disclosure"
  • when responding to a claim cannot be done by reasons established by law etc.
  • if there is substantial or potential impediment to the reasonable execution of our company's tasks

7.Some of menus on our Google internet advertisement use cookies to protect user privacy, improve usability, distribute advertisement and collect statistical data. We may collect users' action history within the website (accessed URLs, contents, order of reference etc.) by Cookie, JavaScript etc. Cookies will be used only for distribution of advertisement and will never contain any personal information.

*Changing browser, in case of deleting Cookie, etc., the setting of opt-out and opt-in will be needed again.

8. Personal information transmitted by our website and browsing data
We use browsing data which we aggregated and analyzed to provide information about our products, services, events, seminars, campaigns, questionnaires, products of our business partners, etc., to respond to inquiries, and to improve these kind of service.

9. Regarding personal informations, the disclosure, inquiry and concerns, please contact below.

Personal Information Inquiry Service

Personal Information Inquiry Service
E-guardian Ltd. Management Division, Personal Information Inquiry Service

Date of Establishment: November 1, 2002
Date of Revision: April 1, 2020