Basic Policy for Information Security

Basic Principles

For E-guardian and its subsidiaries (Hereinafter referred to as "Company") the trust of clients is the most important. In order to keep the clients' trust in us and to provide better service, appropriate security for information assets and its protection from loss, theft and abuse are necessary.

Therefore, we believe not only physical and technical reinforcement of security is important but also all employees' high level of consciousness towards security and their action to respect security is the most important.

We rank important information as "property", decide "basic policy for information security", making the executives and employees aware of it and establish an information security management system in accordance to ISO/IEC 27001in order to protect information property.

By doing this, we make it one of our key management to improve our business while remaining social reliability by rising more of our clients and business partners and certainly protect their information assets.

Fundamental Policy for Information Security

  1. Information security is a very important matter for thiscompany's management and business and we will be tackling this entirely as a company.
  2. When we collect, use and provide information property in our business, we comply lows, regulations, security obligation of the contract and related in-house rules.
  3. We conduct proper measures to avoid and correct illegal access to and theft, leak, alternation and destruction of information property.
  4. We make our executives, employees and all other related staffs aware of importance of information security and proper usage of information property, by training and educating them for information security.
  5. We do prevent information security accidents, and in case it occurs we will take proper measures quickly, including preventive action.
  6. To implement information security measures, we will enforce and establish information security management system (ISMS). Also, We will regularly audit and review and do our effort for continuous improvement.
  7. We set the following policies concerning the use of IT for controlled activities in order to make a proper financial report feasible.
    1. In order to conduct efficient and accurate control, as for the key business, we will include business processing control by system.
    2. Efficiently utilize information transmission systems such as e-mail, intranet, etc., used by ITs.
    3. Along with changes of business management environment, using system will be checked from time to time and as for such as developing changes as well, we will ensure IT business processing control effectiveness.

Date of Establishment: June 1, 2011
Date of Revision: October 1, 2012
E-guardian, Inc
President Yasuhisa Takatani

Contact for Information Security Incidents

E-Guardian Computer Security Incident Response Team (EGSIRT)