STRENGTHStrengths of E-Guardian


Efficiency through AI

We achieve quality improvement and cost efficiency by utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as the industry's first image recognition system with the University of Tokyo and our unique monitoring system.

Cost Reduction through RPA

To realize the national initiative of "workstyle reform," we have launched an automation project using IT solutions. We provide specialized RPA consulting services tailored to the advertising industry, addressing the serious shortage of IT professionals.

Total Solution in IoT

The number of IoT devices is expected to increase to 300 billion by 2020. Our group offers a wide range of services, from IoT security consulting to IoT system verification based on over 6,000 successful cases, responding to various needs.


24/7 Comprehensive Support

With over 2,000 dedicated operators, we provide 24/7 support and flexible responses to meet your requests.

Specialized Talent in Gaming

Our company, where game enthusiasts gather, realizes high-quality game support with operators who have abundant knowledge, including the establishment of the employee-only e-sports team, "E-guardians".

Cyber Security Professionals

Led by renowned web security expert Tokumaru, and supported by experienced staff including seasoned engineers with over 10 years of vulnerability assessment expertise, we ensure the safety and security.


Over 20 Million Monthly Post Monitoring Experience

Leveraging data and expertise gained from monitoring over 20 million posts per month, we utilize the latest technologies such as deep learning and collaborative research to safeguard the safety and security of your website with our 24/7 operational support.

BPR -Business Process Visualization-

When outsourcing business processes, the lack of clarity in business areas or personalization can significantly reduce effectiveness. We identify problem areas and standardize personalized operations through specialized BPR for business outsourcing to improve operational efficiency.

Total Support through Collaboration with Group Companies

By collaborating with various specialized group companies, we can seamlessly handle tasks such as post monitoring, customer support, debugging, and cyber security, among others.


Multilingual Support System

We offer 24/7 customer support in English-speaking regions, game app support in Taiwan, and chat support in Chinese regions to meet a wide range of requests.

Cost-Effective Operations with Offshore Services

Leveraging our detailed and speedy responses utilizing chat and email as our main communication channels, we support back-office operations for companies expanding internationally.


We offer localization services for foreign game companies entering the Japanese market, as well as for Japanese game companies expanding overseas, including website/application localization.