STRENGTHE-Guardian's Strength


Optimization through the use of AI

We implement quality improvement and cost optimization using most advanced technologies, such as the industry's first image recognition system through the collaboration of industries and universities with Tokyo University and original monitoring system.

Cost-cutting using RPA

Starts automation project using IT solutions, with the goal of implementing "reform of working practices" policy to build up the country. We develop RPA introduction consulting services specialized in advertisement operations and deal with the serious lack of IT personnels.

A Total Solution for IoT

We respond to the extensive needs of the IoT industry which is expected to increase to 30 billion yen by 2020. Utilizing our vast experiences, our services range from IoT Security Consulting Services, to IoT System Inspection.


Flawless System of 24 hours a day and 365 days a year

The flexible correspondence of more than 1,000 specialized operators in 24 hours 365 days system matched with the demand is possible.

Personnels specialized in gaming

In our company where game enthusiasts gather, by establishing e sports team "E-guardians" which is formed only by our employees, the operators who have rich knowledge implement high quality game support.

Cyber Security Professional

In addition to the leading web security expert, Tokumaru, staffs with rich experiences including expert engineers with more than 10 years experience of vulnerability examination, keep the security and relief of using web services.


More than 10,000,000 Post Monitoring Results per month

Based on huge amount of data and know-how acquired from more than 10,000,000 post monitoring per month, we keep the security of your company's site in tie with the 24 hours a day and 365 days a year operation system in the pursuit of the latest in technology by deep learning or private collaborative research.

BPR -Business Process Visualization-

When outsourcing, there are cases when the effect will drop significantly if the scope of business is unclear and work flow is not established. In our company, we make problems clear by implementing BPR, specialized in outsourcing, and measure improvement of business effeciency by standardization of business that was work flow is not established..

Total Support by cooperating with group companies

We can straight deal with post monitoring, customer support, debugging, cyber security, etc. by cooperating with group companies specialized in each field.


Multiple Language Support System

We respond to wide range of demands such as 24 hours a day and 365 days a year customer support in English-speaking countries, game application support in Taiwan, and chat support in China.

Low cost operation by offshoring

We entirely support back-office operations of companies that will expand overseas, by having attention to detail and making speedy correspondence that brought chat and mail to the mainstream as their strength.


We conduct the localization for websites and applications, including the advancement of international game makers to the Japanese Market, as well as the localization of Japanese game makers at the time of the expansion of business/operations overseas.