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About Using Website Information

E-guardian Inc. (hereafter E-guardian) allows customers only for non-profit purpose to see our website, to download and to copy the documents and pictures, voice, photos and other objects (hereafter "Contents") of the website. However the customers are obligated to copy all the copyrights and description about occupancy of the original contents.

It is not allowed to modify or change the contents of the website. Except those explicitly described in this section, it is not allowed to copy, forward, release or distribute all or a part of information of the website for profit purpose without approval by E-guardian in writing. For all purpose it is forbidden to use those contents on other websites and computer environment on network.

Information about Copyright

Information, pictures, text, data, service, logos, trademarks and other objects contained in the website of E-guardian (contents) are owned by E-guardian or the original designers/writers and protected by copyright and trademark right. It violates Copyright Low, Trademark Low and other lows to use the contents of the website. Our website does not approve any right on the copyright, patent right, trademark right and other intellectual property right of our company or third party.


Computer software that is allowed to download or available outside of E-guardian website is to be licensed in accordance to related license contract, as long as any other conditions are not described.

Unless explicitly permitted under the applicable license agreement, if you download the software and accompanying material from this website, you obey the terms of the software licensing agreement between you and E-guardian. Before installing or using the software, you can not download or install the software unless you carefully read the terms of the license agreement and agree to these terms.

E-guardian and the license providers reserve all other intellectual property right without explicite award of right on those software and its related objects.

Information provided by Clients

Comments, information, materials, communications, etc. provided by you through this website are not considered confidential or proprietary, except when E-guardian explicitly has stated. The customer agreed to transfer the copyright and other intellectual property rights to them to E-guardian without charge and E-guardian can freely use its comments, information, materials without restriction. Customers do not allowed to send/post to websites or send from this site things that can be seen against laws such as tearing down, disgracing on derogatory, in terrorem or evil-minded.


Information, items and services included in this website are offered without any warranty "as it is" and we cannot warrant any at all including whether explicit or implied, conformity to merchantability and non-infringement of intellectual property rights for merchantability and specific purpose. Even if there include possibility of old information, incomplete, incorrect or other errors might occur, E-guardian will not warrant any at all.

In any case, E-guardian and its provides will not be responsible for any loss ( in includes but not limited with lost profit, suspension of work, loss or deletion of information) of customer or third party by using or not using of our website information, directly, indirectly, incidently, specially, or as a result.

Notwithstanding of the said damage being a breach of contract or an unlawful act, were we notified in advance of the possibility of the damage, nor did we receive any advice for their possibilities, we shall not be liable.

About Linking to other Websites

This website may contain a link to a website managed by other companies or authorities. These websites are not under the E Gardian, and it shall not be liable to any content or a use of these. We therefore intend to neither recommend any results obtained through them nor express anything.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This website is managed and run by E-guardian. All matters concerning customers' connection to this website and its usage are governed by Japanese laws. Lawsuit against this website concerning connection to this website and its usage be treated exclusively by Tokyo District Court, agreement jurisdictional court, for the first trial. Customers are regarded as agreed to obey its coordinate jurisdiction when raising above lawsuit.

General Provisions

E-guardian shall reserve the right to modify at any time without a prior notice of the information, product, and price listed on the website. Even though some old information may be contained in the listed information on the website, it does not promise to revise such on a regular basis.