TOKYO, Japan- May 29, 2019 --E-Guardian Inc., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, along with their subsidiary company E-Guardian Philippines Inc., headquartered in Manilla, Philippines has announced that it will be participating in the “Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2019” held in Los Angeles, California from June 11th till June 13th to exhibit its gaming services aimed for companies all over the world.

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E-Guardian has contributed to internet safety with its one-stop internet security services ranging from internet patrolling, customer support, debugging, to vulnerability assessment.

In the gaming industry alone, E-Guardian holds over 10 years of experience in game debugging and customer support, and is now extending its support range to the international market, adding multilingual customer support, localization, and culturalization to its service line-ups.

According to Newzoo’s “Global Games Market Report,” studies have found that in correlation to the advancements of internet environment and online platforms, the gaming market is forecasted to grow into a 180 billion dollar industry by 2021.
In order to meet the growing demands, E-Guardian has established E-Guardian Philippines as a main global support hub for all companies looking to expand its games from and into the Japanese gaming market.

In this three day event, E-Guardian, under its “Japanese Omotenashi for a one and only Customer Success” theme, will present its booth visitors a taste of what Japanese hospitality will look like in English, Japanese, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, and French for its multilingual customer support, debugging and proactive support services.
In addition, visitors will have a chance to experience and pick up Japanese “Omotenashi” items, such as Japanese fans and hand towels that will be sure to give users a cool summer breeze in the heat-filled expo.

Using its expertise and group synergy, E-Guardian will continue to provide its clients and their customers a safe, more convenient and fulfilling world under its mission of “We Guard All.”

E3Electronic Entertainment Expo2019 Information

Exhibition Dates: June 11th - June 13th
Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center
Booth Number: 2358


【About E-Guardian】

E-Guardian, established in 1998 (TYO 6050), is a one-stop internet security company with its services ranging from internet patrolling, customer support, debugging, to vulnerability assessment. In recent years, it has focused on creating new services and RPAs to accommodate the growing demands in industries such as Fintech and Iot. Including its overseas partnerships, E-Guardians boasts one of a top class organization structure with 14 centers located within 6 Japanese and 2 overseas cities; all contributing to internet safety.

■E-Guardian Philippines Inc. Company Information

Representative : President Terada Takeshi
Headquarters: Makati City, Manilla PHILIPPINES
Founded: July 2017
Capital Stock: PHP 30,000,000 (JPY 70,000,000)

Blog, SNS, and Bulletin Board Plan Consulting, Real-time Post Monitoring,Customer Support, Online Game Customer Support,Advertisement Inspection Services


■E-Guardian Inc. Company Information

Representative: President Yasuhisa Takatani
Headquarters: 1-2-8 Toranomon, Toranomon Kotohira Tower 8F, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0001,JAPAN
Founded: 1998年5月
Capital Stock: JPY 364,280,000 (As of end of September 2018)
Services: Blog, SNS, and Bulletin Board Plan Consulting, Real-time Post Monitoring, Customer Support, Online Game Customer Support, Compliance, Rumor, and Trend Investigation, Community Management, Advertisement Inspection Services

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