On Nobember 5, E-Guardian Inc. (Headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Yasuhisa Takatani; Hereinafter referred to as “E-Guardian”) has announced that E-Guardian Philippines Inc. (Headquartered in Makati city, Metro Manila, Philippines; Hereinafter referred to as " E-Guardian Philippines"), one of the group companies of E-Guardian, will move to another commercial building, “Alphaland Southgate Mall” which is located in Metro Manila, Philippines and establish a new operation center in April 2020.


Since its establishment in July 2017, E-guardian Philippines has provided several services such as customer support for cross-border e-commerce and game. As E-guardian Philippines has played a role as the base for global development of the E-guardian group companies, it has achieved remarkable growth, especially, in online advertising management and services related to internet security.

This time, in response to market expansion, we have decided to move to another location in order to improve office environment in consideration of our service development in global market. The capacity of the new operation center is 200 seats scale. With this, we can definitely say that we are ready to meet any kind of global needs.
E-guardian Philippines will be based in the new operation center and accelerate its “globalization” by utilizing the expertise that we acquired through two-year experience in the Philippines. Moreover, we will commit ourselves to assisting Japanese companies willing to expand overseas in sales expansion and costs optimization as well as providing diverse services to foreign companies in a wide range of languages

Using its expertise and group synergy, E-Guardian will continue to provide its clients and their customers with a safer, more convenient and more fulfilling world through its mission statement, “We Guard All.”

【About E-Guardian】

E-Guardian, established in 1998 (TYO 6050), is a one-stop internet security company with services ranging from internet patrolling, customer support, debugging, to vulnerability assessment. In recent years, it has focused on creating new services and RPAs to accommodate the growing demands in industries such as Fintech and Iot. Including its overseas partnerships, E-Guardians boasts a top class organizational structure with its 14 centers, located in 6 Japanese and 2 overseas cities; all contributing to internet safety.

■E-Guardian Philippines Inc. Company Information

Representative : President Terada Takeshi
Headquarters: Makati City, Manilla PHILIPPINES
Founded: July 2017
Capital Stock: PHP 30,000,000 (JPY 70,000,000)

Blog, SNS, and Bulletin Board Plan Consulting, Real-time Post Monitoring,Customer Support, Online Game Customer Support,Advertisement Inspection Services

URL: https://e-guardian.ph/

■E-Guardian Inc. Company Information

Representative: President Yasuhisa Takatani
Headquarters: 1-2-8 Toranomon, Toranomon Kotohira Tower 8F, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0001,JAPAN
Founded: 1998年5月
Capital Stock: JPY 364,280,000 (As of end of September 2019)
Services: Blog, SNS, and Bulletin Board Plan Consulting, Real-time Post Monitoring, Customer Support, Online Game Customer Support, Compliance, Rumor, and Trend Investigation, Community Management, Advertisement Inspection Services


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■E-Guardian Inc. Contact:Ono
TEL:+81-3-6205-8857 FAX:+81-3-6205-8858 E-mail:info@e-guardian.co.jp