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 The second volume survey of social game topics! In this report, we analyzed social games tweeted in Japan in May 2021. We targeted the top 30 selling titles in May and looked at the amount of buzz and topics on Twitter.

■The most popular title was "Uma Musume Pretty Derby", as it was in the last month.


*Time: Between May 1st and May 31st 2021
*Social Media: Twitter
*Including Retweets
*Titles with a percentage of 3% or more are only listed.
*A detailed breakdown is located at the bottom of this page

 Continuing from last month, "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" has topped the sales ranking!
Since it was released in February, "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" has always been at the top of the sales rankings, and it is also greatly ahead of the second place.

In the April research, there were many topics that were unique to Uma Musume, such as the campaign linked to "Osaka Cup(大阪杯)," which is based on a real racehorse. Let's take a look at some of the topics that have attracted people' s attention in May.

■The timing of the social media buzzes

Let's take a look at the timing of the increase in user contributions based on the volume of topics throughout the month. In this article, we will check "Uma Musume Pretty Derby", "Monster Strike", and "Fate/Grand Order", which have graced the top 3 from the graph of topic volume introduced above.


▼「Uma Musume Pretty Derby」

  The most popular topic for "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" was on May 16, when the new Uma Musume, “Narita Brian” was announced. Narita Brian is well known as a racehorse and has already appeared in the game's OP movie and TV anime. It seems that many users were looking forward to the announcement, and there was a huge response from users.

On the same day, "Victoria Mile(ヴィクトリアマイル)" was held at Tokyo Racecourse, and special gifts were awarded in the game. It's great for horse racing fans and non-race fans alike to receive gifts in association with the actual race.

▼「Monster Strike」

The largest increase in topics about "Monster Strike" was seen on May 2, when the collaboration event with the TV anime "Jujutsu Kaisen" began. It seems that the biggest reason for the increase was the Twitter campaign that started to link up with the event.

The total number of users of "Monster Strike" exceeded 55 million in April this year, and many people posted that they had started or returned to Monster Strike because of this collaboration. In June, there will be a "Love Live! Sunshine! collaboration, it is likely that the number of users will continue to grow.

▼「Fate/Grand Order」

The increase in Fate/Grand Order posts on May 15th was due to the campaign regarding "Fate/Grand Order THE MOVIE Divine Realm of the Round Table". (Hereinafter referred to as "FGO Camelot the Movie")

”FGO Camelot the Movie" is a two-part anime based on "Fate/Grand Order", the first part of which was released in December 2020.The second part of the movie was released on May 15, and a campaign to win autograph cards and goods from the cast was held to celebrate the release of the second part of the movie, and the timing of the movie's release brought a high number of applications.

The autograph present campaign was held for two weeks, and the one with the highest number of applicants (retweets) was that of Mamoru Miyano, the main cast member of "FGO Camelot the Movie".


”Uma Musume Pretty Derby" was the hottest topic in May as well, but "Monster Strike" was the most popular in the instantaneous volume.The collaboration with a popular anime and the instant win style campaign where you can see the results on the spot attracted a lot of attention.

We'll continue to follow the trends, so stay tuned for next month's results!

In this article, we observed the amount of topics and their trends in Japan, but it is possible to conduct research from various perspectives, such as analyzing the attributes of followers and measuring the effectiveness of promotions.
 We also accept requests for sample reports, so if there is any interest, please contact us from below.

■Top 30 Most talked about Titles (In order of topic volume)


*The "Ensemble Stars!! section includes "Ensemble Stars!! Basic" and "Ensemble Stars!! Music.

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