E-Guardian, Inc. (https://www.e-guardian.co.jp/eng/ Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Yasuhisa Takatani; hereafter, "E-Guardian") announces that starting on August 3, 2023, it will begin offering "Japanese Game User Interviews," an integrated service focusing on Japanese game users of overseas game titles, including independent verification, user We are pleased to announce that we will begin providing "Japanese Game User Interviews," an integrated service that includes independent verification, user interviews, and QA, focusing on Japanese game users of overseas game titles, from August 3, 2023.


 The E-Guardian Group provides a full range of Internet security-related services, including Internet patrol, customer support, debugging, and vulnerability assessment, to create a safe and secure Internet environment. In particular, we have over 10 years of experience in customer support and other services in the game-related business. We have provided operational support for titles in Japan and overseas. In recent years, we also offer comprehensive support for promotional activities such as event planning and establishing and operating the "Discord" chat application.

 The Japanese mobile game market was worth US$14.7 billion (about 1.9 trillion yen) in 2022 and about US$6.8 billion (about 950 billion yen) in the first half of 2023. In recent years, foreign games have entered the Japanese market, especially Chinese titles and their presence has been increasing yearly. (*)
 However, even titles that rank high in the global market tend to have different results in Japan, and simply localizing (translating) them makes it difficult for the market to accept them. In the course of supporting the operation of titles in various countries globally, we have found that even games that are "fun" are not adapted to the unique values and culture of Japanese game users in terms of localization (translation) before they experience, or in the billing process for users. This leads to "discomfort" and losing interest in the game. This "discomfort" (i.e., stress) is thought to be a major factor in poor sales.

 In response to this situation, E-Guardian, a long-time provider of game-related services, has decided to offer "Japanese Game User Interview," a comprehensive service that includes independent verification, user interviews, and QA specifically for Japanese game users.

 This service will allow game experts and players to clarify many issues that need to be addressed from the development and management perspective, such as detailed localized expressions, presentation, and game/billing leads. Interviews can be streamed in real time, allowing direct communication with the interviewers and game players. The content of the interview will be delivered as recorded data at a later date. Based on the information gained from the interview, we will provide feedback and opinions on the gameplay and detailed QA on the issues, which can be directly used for game development policy for the Japanese market.

 By providing this service, we will highlight the "unique values and culture" of Japanese game users and contribute to the smooth acceptance of each foreign title into the Japanese market.

 The E-Guardian Group will continue to work to provide Internet safety and security by collaborating with other companies in the industry to achieve its mission, "We Guard All".

※ Sensor Tower, "Japan Mobile Game Market Insights for 2022", and "Monster Strike was the top mobile game revenue generator in Japan in H1 2023, and Honkai: Star Rail topped the list in both revenue and downloads in terms of growth volume".

【Overview of "Japan Game User Interviews”】

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Established in 1998, E-Guardian was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2016 and will move to the TSE Prime Market in 2022. E-Guardian is a comprehensive Internet security company that provides a full range of Internet security-related services, including Internet patrol, customer support, debugging, and vulnerability assessment. The company boasts one of the industry's largest network of centers, with 20 centers in 9 cities in Japan and 3 cities overseas as a group, including those of its business partners. Recently, we have been developing services that capture the times and protect the safety and security of the Internet by entering the Fintech and IoT industries and contributing to work style reform through the development of RPA.

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