We are glad to inform you that E-Guardian Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “E-Guardian” https://www.e-guardian.co.jp/ based in Minato city Tokyo, CEO: Yasuhisa Takatani) has newly established “E-GUARDIAN VIETNAM COMPANY LIMITED” (hereinafter referred to as “E-Guardian Vietnam”) as of August 1st 2021 in Vietnam, a country with numerous qualified Japanese learners. Being an overseas base that can provide service in Japanese, it represents a new step towards expanding business globally.


 E-Guardian Group provides a variety of services to realize a safe and secure Internet environment, such as net patrol, customer support, debugging, cyber security, etc.
 In September 2017, as the first step in its full-scale global expansion, E-Guardian Co., Ltd. established E-Guardian Philippines Inc. in the Philippines (https://e-guardian.ph/ Makati City, Metro Manila, Republic of the Philippines, hereinafter referred to as “E-Guardian Philippines”). It has been growing steadily since by providing multilingual outsourced business services to companies operating in overseas markets with the same level of quality and affordability as in Japan.

 In recent years, as Japan's total population decreased for the second consecutive year since the 2015 population census*1, the work force population has also experienced a downturn, resulting in intensifying competition for human resources in Japan. In addition, with the uniform increase in the minimum wage being considered for the current fiscal year, recruitment in Japan is expected to become increasingly difficult due to the further rise in recruitment costs. As cases of relying on the utilization of overseas work forces is expected to increase, the number of Japanese language learners in Vietnam has been on the rise, with the country having the second largest number of Japanese language learners by country/region after China at 60,000 in fiscal year 2018*2, and the number of examinees for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test doubling compared to 2015 *3. Therefore, E-Guardian has decided to establish E-Guardian Vietnam as an off-shore base that can provide support in Japanese in Vietnam, with its abundant Japanese human resources, in order to further expand its business and ensure competitiveness in terms of both quality and affordability.

 Established as a new step towards global expansion, as well as an offshore Japanese support company of E-Guardian Group, E-Guardian Vietnam mainly provides Japanese customer support, pre/post monitoring business, authentication business, and social media business. We aim to be a base that can contribute to the development of Japanese companies in terms of both quality and price. And in the future, we will expand our business centered on customer support, and eventually we plan to have a service lineup equivalent to the ones available in Japan, including cyber security business.
 In the future, E-Guardian Group will continue to aggressively expand globally for gaining price competitiveness, and continue to provide specialized and high-quality services toward the realization of its mission, “We Guard All. ” We will strive to develop services that make people's lives more convenient and enriched.

*1 “National census of 2021”, 2021, published by Statistics Bureau of Japan
*2 “Summary of domestic Japanese Education in 2018”, 2018, published by Agency for Cultural Affairs
*3 “SURVEY REPORT ON JAPANESE-LANGUAGE EDUCATION ABROAD 2018”, 2018, published by Japan Foundation

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■Overview of the subsidiary company established

Address: 13th floor, Zen Plaza Building, 54-56 Nguyen Trai Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Business lineup: Customer service (Japanese), pre/post monitoring (Japanese), authentication business, social media business
Date of establishment: August 1st※4

*4 For the time being, the operation is scheduled to start with staffs working from home.

[Overview of E-Guardian Group]

Established in 1998. Listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2016. E-Guardian is a comprehensive network security company that provides services related to network security such as net patrol, customer support, debugging, and vulnerability diagnosis. The center has one of the largest organizations in the industry, with 19 bases in 8 cities in Japan and 3 cities overseas in the group, including partners. Recently, we are engaged in service development that is in accordance with the times, such as entering the Fintech / IoT industry and contributing to work style reform through RPA development, for protecting the safety and security of the Internet.

■Overview of E-Guardian Co., Ltd

Representative CEO: Yasuhisa Takatani
Location: Toranomon Kotohira Tower 8F, 1-2-8 Toranomon, Minato-ku,Tokyo
Date of establishment: May 1998
The capital of the company: 364 million Japanese Yen (As to the last day of March 2021)
Service details: Blog, social media and Internet forum plan consulting/ Real-time or posts monitoring/ User support/ Online game customer support/ Compliance measures, reputation and trend research/ Community site planning, site management, Advertising review service/ temporary employment service


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