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 In this article, we've analyzed the most tweeted social games in Japan from August to October 2021, looking at the number of tweets and discussions on Twitter for the top 30 selling titles for October!

■The title with the highest number of tweets and retweets over the past three months was "Genshin Impact!"


*Survey period: August 1, 2021 - October 31, 2021
*Survey Media: Twitter (Including RT)
*Only titles with a percentage of 3% or more are listed.
*A detailed breakdown is located at the bottom of this page

 During the past three months from August to October, the most talked-about title was "Genshin Impact"
"Uma Musume Pretty Derby", which had been in the first place, sank to third place, just behind "Fate/Grand Order" in the second place

What kind of topics did people talk about?
We will explore the factors behind the increase in the number of discussions!

■ What is the time when social media becomes active?

 Let's take a look at the timing of the rise in user postings based on the events that have occurred throughout the three-month period.In this article, we'll check out the top three game titles: "Genshin Impact", "Fate/Grand Order", and "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" from the graph presented above!


▼ Genshin Impact

 As you can see from the graph above, the average amount of discussion during the survey period overwhelmed the others. There were intermittent campaigns held around the first anniversary of the release, and it seems that not only fans of "Genshin Impact" but also Twitter users were strategically invited to participate in the campaign, which led to the No. 1 position.

[Campaign List]

  1. "Twitter Summer festival Campaign" covering all 8 bullets.
  2. Day 5: "TV Commercial airing commemoration" Twitter campaign!
  3. Day 6: Just before "Ver 2.2 Update" Twitter campaign
  4. "Ver 2.2 update" commemoration! twitter campaign

 Now let's delve into the topics that have received particular attention.

・8/20 Ver 2.1 Archon Quest "Chapter II: Act III - Omnipresence Over Mortals"

 Version 2.1 updates lunches and includes new chapters and new characters such as Raiden Shogun, Sangonomiya Kokomi, and Kujou Sara.

 User engagement also increased with the follow and retweet campaign, where users were able to win awesome prizes.This was an instant-win campaign, where the winners could find out the results immediately, and the prizes included autographs of voice actors, computer keyboards, and 10,000 Yen
Amazon gift cards.

・9/28 1st Anniversary

 On the first anniversary of its release, we have received many congratulatory comments from users.

 In addition, the airing of TV commercials to commemorate the first anniversary, the release of video interviews with the voice actors, and the "Genshin Impact Twitter Summer Festival Campaign Vol. 8" also contributed to the increase of posts over the social media site.

・ 10/3 TGS2021&Ver2.2 "Into the Perilous Labyrinth of Fog"

 The amount of tweets has increased with the release of the update Version 2.2, which included a new character "Thoma", new weapons, etc.
 There was a Twitter issue that prevented users from logging into the game, however, the information provided by miHoYo was able to overcome the issue and ensured a high level of engagement to the users until the problem has been solved.

▼「Fate/Grand Order」

 "Fate/Grand Order" celebrated its 6th anniversary in August, and the number of tweets and retweets about it increased significantly due to the events related to the anniversary and the RT campaign to receive Saint Quartz.

The RT campaign is held in collaboration with the official live broadcast "Chaldea Broadcasting Station" and each time it is held, it receives around 80,000 RT's and positive responses.

【Campaign list】

  1. "Fate / Grand Order Chaldea Broadcasting Station 6th Anniversary" RT Campaign
  2. "Fate / Grand Order Chaldea Broadcasting Station - Chaldea Summer Adventure! RT Campaign
  3. "Fate / Grand Order Chaldea Broadcasting Station Light edition" - Halloween Rising! RT Campaign

・8/1 "Fate / Grand Order" 6th Anniversary Held & RT Campaign

 From July 27th to August 1st, "Fate/Grand Order Festival 2021 6th Anniversary" was held and a great deal of new information was released. It appears that the broadcast was packed with a lot of exciting details for FGO players.

・9/8 Event "Chaldean Summer Adventure! Event & RT Campaign"

 Information on the latest events and servants was released on the official live broadcast "Fate / Grand Order Chaldea Broadcasting Station Light Edition-Chaldea Summer Adventure! '' and an RT campaign linked to the live broadcast was also given out, increasing the number of tweets and retweets.

・10/20 Event "Halloween Rising!" Held

 Information on Halloween events and new servants have been unveiled on the official live broadcast "Fate / Grand Order Chaldea Broadcasting Station Light Edition ~ Halloween Rising! The same RT campaign as in August and September was also held, getting 77,000 RTs and receiving 23,000 likes.

▼Uma Musume Pretty Derby

 Uma Musume Pretty Derby" has lost its number one spot in terms of the amount of discussion. Although there has been plenty of publicity, such as the half-anniversary and the implementation of a new type of training scenario, it seems to have lacked any excitement on the social networking site, which may have been due to the lack of campaigns compared to "Fate/Grand Order" and "Genshin Impact".

【Campaign list】

  1. "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" 50 episodes & 100,000 follower breakthrough commemorative gift campaign"
    ※ Posted on the official Twitter account of "Uma Musume Pretty Derby
  2. "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" Voting Campaign
    ※To be held on the official Twitter account

・8/24 Half Anniversary

It has been six months since its release, and we have received many congratulatory comments from users.

・8/27 Public viewing of new training scenario "Aoharu Cup"

The promotional video of the new training scenario "Aoharu Cup" was released and the number of tweets and retweets had increased. In addition to the anticipation and joy of the game, the audience was also excited about the characters shown in the promotional video and training scenarios.

・10/10 "Kawakami Princess" Launch and Halloween Event ends

The launch of "Kawakami Princess" was announced, although it received a lot of retweets and likes, there were some tweets by some users who were surprised by it! As they were expecting someone else.

Many users have been predicting which Uma musume (Horse girl) will be introduced next based on the contents of the official Youtube channel and the storylines, and it seems that things did not turn out as expected this time.


In the month of August - October survey, “Genshin Impact” finally took the top spot!

In the past, there have been numerous feedbacks from players about gift campaigns, major updates, and in-game related . But this time it seems that the first anniversary of its release provided a positive boost to the title, as it has secured the top spot.

Second place went to “Fate/Grand Order”, which also celebrated its 6th anniversary with much success.

We will continue to monitor any developments, so stay tuned for the next results!
※The next update is scheduled for early February.

In this report,we made observations on the amount of topics and their trends in Japan, however, it is also possible to conduct research from various perspectives such as analyzing follower demographics and measuring the effectiveness of promotions.

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■Top 30 topics (in order of their popularity)


*The “Ensemble Stars!” section includes both “Ensemble Stars! Basic and “Ensemble Stars Music”.


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