Content patrol carried out by staff with expert knowledge

We patrol advertisement of variety of field from advertisement on banner LP (landing page) to articles of web media. Because E-guardian is a member of Japan Interactive Advertising Association (JIAA) and Japan Advertising Review Organization (JARO), we can catch the latest low change and trend information very early. We fully support your advertising with specialised teams of certified Pharmaceutical Affairs Law Administrators. We offer also consulting that extract problem, operational design and reporting as well as proposal of advertisement insertion criteria appropriate for your company.

Business Flow Chart

Cover advertisement, LP checking, articles and contents of web media

We support soundness and brand safety by carrying out screening of banner ads, LP, articles, and contents. We check publication standard, the reliability of the articles, and intellectual property right infringement based on Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law (former Pharmaceutical Affairs Law). We also contribute to improving the value of the website in long-time perspective by detailed reporting of every task we offer.

Rewriting by certified professional team

In addition to the ad publication standard based on Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law (former Pharmaceutical Affairs Law) and Law for Preventing Unjustifiable Extra or Unexpected Benefit and Misleading Representation, our checking also incorporates the characteristics of the media the ad will be published. We offer not only results in NG or OK but also with touch-ups by an experienced professional consultant and follow you up in detail such as pointing out sections that may infringe the law, proposing alternative expressions, and sharing information on related regulations.

Patrolling image copyright infringement with AI

Businesses are using the image content detection system "Kiducoo AI", able to automatically assess image data, including images used in social media and online advertising, to prevent theft and copyright infringement of logos and characters used in the products, services, and advertisements they offer.
They praise the high detection rates, with character detection at 96.41% and logo detection at 83.52%.

Support available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Due to the country's published "Work Style Reform" policy, the reduction of work hours in advertising operations at many companies has become a major issue.
Support at E-guardian is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including Saturdays, Sundays, and evenings. Furthermore, since they operate at 4 locations around the country, they are able to quickly begin their work without delay from the time when an order is placed.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the divergence of products, consequently, advertisements and LP will grow in number which would then entail that checking might not be accomplished in time.

Since we have a track record of checking more or less 250,000 advertisements in a month, we can assure you that we can handle checking large amount of advertisements and LP without any problem.

I want to request the checking of drafts and not the site.

Depending on your request, we can check manuscripts only and provide necessary revisions should we find any inappropriate details.

I want to check only the 1st page of the LP

It is possible to conduct correspondences from the 1st page. However, please do understand that the minimum price will start from 100,000 Yen.

For Inquiries regarding Services and Quotations