We provide natural and clear LQA service with a linguistic and visual test.

Our experts linguistically and visually test various documents and development environments where localized scripts, voice-overs, and UI are embedded to ensure that the grammar and spelling are correct, and there are no display errors such as garbled characters and truncated characters.

LQA service together with localization can shorten the time it takes to grasp the specification and the rules.

LQA in tandem with localization allows us to grasp the whole specification quickly, and we can help you release your app or service ahead of schedule.

Proposal of translations in consideration with assigned space.

A difference in text length after translated may result in inappropriate placement of the visuals or overlong strings because there is a limit to the number of characters that can be displayed depending on the device or UI/UX. We consider this and give proper advice regarding translation.

Proposal for UI/UX based on rating knowledge.

Our user test, "game rating" that quantitatively reviews Voice of Customer makes it possible for us to propose user-friendly UI/UX that prevents users from giving up.
In addition, we check the development code such as colors and fonts before making proposals for revisions. This shortens the time required to grasp the common source code when making revisions.

Consistency with character profiles.

By visually testing images and illustrations as well as linguistically testing scripts, it is possible to eliminate inconsistencies that it’s depicted as things they don’t like in scripts but they like in images.

LQA sample cases

Case1. Game

As an additional proposal, implementation of consistency test of character profiles and depictions of the view of the world can provide a high quality localization making users feel immersed into the game.

Case2. Web system

Selection of terminology (words) that suits the target users.
Test behavior of the system on possible usage scenarios such as switching languages.

Case3. Manual of device

In addition to description testing, check consistency of operation procedures with actual device.
We propose solutions in pursuit of not only accuracy but also intelligibility.

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