Monitoring Services specialized for a Healthy and Safe Game Environment

We aim to create fans for your game by providing a healthy and safe game environment by utilizing our knowledge gained from over 20 years of monitoring experience. Our support extends from planning monitoring standards and to running the operation itself. Monitoring and in-game patrolling is done by our game masters who investigate reported problems by attempting to recreate the same environment using the same device as players. Monitoring can be conducted at any time including night times.

Business Flow Chart

Fraud and Defects Check Within and Outside Games

We support stable management of game systems by checking “User’s voice” posted on not only on bulletin boards and chats in the game but also on external bulletin boards such as 5channels and SNS, and quickly detect information that can lead to illegal acts, problems or troubles between users.
RMT research is also available. When we detect RMT information from external bulletin boards and SNS posts, we will report it promptly.

Establishment of Game Master

For an enjoyable gaming environment, a game master can be assigned to patrol within the game on a regular basis. Not only are they capable of handling user inquires, game masters contribute to substaining a healthy competition within a game by warning or account cancellation of any user who performs nuisance or illegal actions to support the play continuity rate. They may also speak to suspecious "users" who may be BOTs suspend those accounts deemed of one.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to immediately detect issues and bugs even during nighttime.

Aside from the monitoring of online bulletins and chats 24 hours a day for 365 days a year, we also provide other services such as; corresponding to crucial monitoring during nighttime, immediate detection of errors as well as inquiries regardless of the time of day, and report (to the client) in the soonest time possible.

We want to monitor, not only in-game, but also external forums and the likes as well.

We can monitor a wide range of media and social networking sites including bu not limited to Facebook and Twitter 5Channel and Youtube comments.

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