Specialized Monitoring Services for game issues, illegal actions, and troubles

We utilize our expertise in post monitoring to carry out comprehensive surveillance, including creating monitoring guidelines, monitoring illegal activities and user disputes on bulletin boards and chats, in-game patrols by game masters, and vital sign monitoring such as checking logins and quest progress using actual devices. Through monitoring, we support the long-term cultivation of fans of game titles by promoting the health of the games.

Business Flow Chart

Checking for game-related issues and irregularities both inside and outside the game

We check for information on illegal activities, issues, and user-to-user conflicts from posts on external bulletin boards and SNS, in addition to the in-game bulletin boards and chats.

Deployment of game masters

Game masters are stationed to ensure users can play comfortably by patrolling in-game 24/7. Enforcement of game competition cleanliness is ensured by warning or suspending accounts for nuisance or illegal acts, supporting the improvement of player retention rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to immediately detect issues and bugs even during nighttime.

By monitoring bulletin boards, chats, etc., 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and providing nighttime monitoring, we can detect problems and issues promptly, regardless of the time.

We want to conduct comprehensive monitoring, not just within the game but also across external platforms like bulletin boards.

Monitoring a wide range of content is possible, including various SNS such as Facebook and Twitter, external bulletin boards such as 5ch, YouTube comments, etc.

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