Our translation includes localization and culturalization, taking culture, religion and more into account.

Of course we translate into a designated language, but we also translate while thinking about cultural and religious elements related to that language. In doing so we provide a superior translation, which leaves users feeling comfortable, and allows them to enjoy the original work.

LQA reduces the time needed to understand specifications and rules.

If you request LQA, the overall time needed to understand the product can be greatly reduced. By sharing information between our companies, the game can be released as quickly as possible.

Culturalization takes into account politics, religion, current events and more.

Although it may not be an issue in the original language or region, there are various cultural, religious, political and thematic issues that may arise when translating. We are thorough in checking for these issues, we look at images and behavior, not just the dialogue.

We take each character into account when translating, keeping their personality intact.

We use dialect and phrasing to develop each character’s mannerisms and way of speaking, for a precise translation that leads to an immersive game.

Multilingual Examples


Original Text Tool-made translation Our translation
我早就明白了,可我的儿子却不明白……!我断绝了他所有正规参军的途径,他却偷偷跑去参加雇佣军…… 俺はとっくに分かったが、息子はそれを分からなかったよ……!正規な軍に入る道を全て断絶したのに、あの子は内緒で傭兵に入った…… それで俺はつくづく無力を思い知ったというのに、せがれは何ひとつわかっちゃいなかった。俺があの手この手で軍に入るのを邪魔してやったら、あいつ、俺に黙って傭兵なんかに……

Original Text Tool-made translation Our translation
闪光,炽焰,带着震慑天空的低语,它自天空坠落,无视一切试图阻挡它的力量。 明るく煌めく光、激しい炎、空を震え上がらせる囁きを伴い、空より落下し、それを阻止しようとする全ての力を無視した。 閃光、そして炎。空を震わす轟音とともに、あらゆる力に抗って、それは空から落ちてきた。


Original Text Tool-made translation Our translation
Oh good, sorry for not replying to the last email, I was very busy yesterday and dealing with toothaches. ああ、最後のメールに返信しなくてすみません、昨日はとても忙しくて歯痛に対処していました。 良かった。メールに返信できなくて悪かったね、昨日はとても忙しかった上に、歯が痛くて。
I would rather be a brainless monkey than a heartless monster. 私はむしろ無情なモンスターよりも愚か猿だろう。 心のない怪物になるくらいなら、馬鹿な猿になった方がマシよ。

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