We have staffs with over 10+ years gaming experience to support your operation.

E-guardian promises to build a support team who is well versed in the needs of your channel and company. Our support is also comes from the complete understanding of player's mindset as well as knowledge garnered through over 10 years of operation experience on various support channel such as "e-mail", "telephone", and "chat". At the same time, we can flexibly build a plan and team that will match your budget and needs.

Business Flow Chart

Selecting optimal channel and supporting in a flexible manner

As we support users on your behalf, we propose optimal channel depending on the situation and the range of support by utilizing email, telephone, SNS, and chat tools We also ensure smooth communication with users by changing the response speed and reply details depending on the contents or feeling in the actual responses.

User-oriented Custome Support

In order to answer players needs, we offer services for all stages of development from creating templates, FAQs, and flow, we also offer services for game updates as well. Furthermore, all our services is done 24 hours 365 days regardless of holidays.

Supporting thoroughly from debugging to searching customer information

We offer a wide range of support, including responding to users' inquiries, debugging with the actual devices, and searching customer information. As we provide thorough support, we can reduce your workload.

Strengths and Points of Services

  1. Extensive experience covering a wide variety of game genres

    We offer customized service for customers by applying the knowledge and know-how gained from providing support for a wide variety of genres such as online, social, consumer title RPGs, simulators, FPS, and TPS. Our operations provide game support at 8 locations both inside and outside of the country, and our specialized gaming contact center "Osaka GAMELABO" is constantly conducting cutting-edge research on game support, such as establishing practice areas for e-sports.

  2. User friendly support by game resources

    In order to appropriately accommodate user inquiries, the operator is expected to be keen on the game itself. E-guardian actively hires the "game resources" who are familiar with the game in his/her normal daily life. Incorporated are our unique interviewing methods considering the history of playing the game, playing with the actual machine for the confirmation of game techniques, and the like.
    We also reinforce to create staff-friendly environment for playing games by providing the latest machine and terminals, recommending to play games during break, offering play support, etc.

  3. Improving customer support success rates by combining AI and humans

    E-guardian offers "G-Bot", a chatbot solution specializing in games. The AI uses response templates to automatically offer answers, and is supplemented by human assistance when it encounters a problem that it cannot resolve in order to further optimize support rates.
    Additionally, we offer a messaging service via an intermediary chat channel for players who do not regularly log in as a means of staying aware of threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to know the price rate

Our user support can be selected from "prepare dedicated person (booth)" or "contract based on number". First one is monthly price, and the other one is pay-as-you-go price model.

We want to have an initial count of the inquiries received after the release of new titles

If you tell us game contents, promotion content, target number (MAU or DAU), we can calculate based on past experienced number. Also, for example, "○th in sales ranking in each store" kind of answer is possible.
*This is just a prediction, and will not guarantee.

In what form will work report be received?

We share information such as the number of correspondence and inquiry overview in a daily report. A wide variety of reports such as a trend investigation of inquiries, collecting opinions and requests, improvement proposal of FAQ, and events and service improvement proposal are available.

For Inquiries regarding Services and Quotations