Collection and analysis of marketing data related with the requests, issues, and reputation of our company and other companies' services and products.

We support your marketing business exaggerating “beneficial information” such as requests for services and products and issues etc. out of tremendous numbers of “users’ voices” posted on internet walls and social media . E-guardian that has monitoring achievements more than 20 million issues monthly is capable of highly accurate analysing by our operators that have high text reading abilities. We will flexiorespond to not just investigation on the services and products but reputation investigation against tv commercials after launching new products or comparison investigation to the products from other competing companies as well.

Business Flow Chart

Social Listening

In order to investigate the reputation of goods and services, commercials, and the like, we will collect "user's voice" posted on boards and SNS and make reports in accordance to the use. Utilizing our know-how in monitoring posts, we understand the context carefully then categorize them to present highly accurate analysis results.

Competing investigations

We will do a reporting on your demand collecting news and promotion information about other competing companies from user voices posted on online walls or social media. We are available not just to investigate the items and services of other companies but to report the comparison to the items of your company as well.

Strengths and Points of Services

  1. Professionals of the Internet Monitoring

    E-guardian's operators are professionals in monitoring the internet, with a record of at least 20 million monitoring cases per month. Our operators are highly capable of reading texts and support you on this task.
    We can also support bulletin boards requiring log-ins, which cannot be monitored by a tool, by checking them visually. We cover bulletin boards including 5-channel, and social media such as X(Twitter) and blogs, and will collect, verify and analyze data.

  2. Collection of information and analysis by system of 24 hours a day and 365 days a year

    In E-guardian, by responding in 24 hours and 365 days by many bases in Japan and overseas, we have prepared the large-scale system in order to be able to respond urgent request, etc.
    Also, when you need urgent request or attention for short period, it is possible to respond by constructing the system promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to compare our products with that of our competitors in order to know the appealing points of our products

It is possible to compare according to the requests such as products and services between your company and competing companies. For example, comparing "price", "weight" and "colors" on terms, we can also research what condition and how review by the general users.

Where is the issue within the company? I want to discover the problem

By analyzing "users' voices" about your company, and we will investigate the problems. For example, regarding the products which have already released until now, we develop more from simply "negative", by dividing categories in detail about the caused complaints, it is possible to analyze on higher level.

For Inquiries regarding Services and Quotations