Prepares appropriate security training for regular employees, personnels in charge on WEB, and engineers

In the company, we conducted a training supervised by Hiroshi Tokumaru, the leading expert in the field of Web Security. As per your request, we prepare the contents of the training from basic courses about the do's and dont's in work such as password management, up to the practical training for engineers as well as how to pin down the vulnerability trend for the Web support staff.

Strengths and Points of Services

  1. Security Course for General Employees and Web Personnels Where Everyone Will Learn from the Basics

    We prepare "Information Security Literacy Course" for general employees such as software update, password management method, etc., and "Security Course for Web Personnels" where they will learn vulnerability trends that they have to understand and corresponding method. It is also possible to customize according to your company's request.

  2. Practical training for web developers in accordance to the curriculum supervised by Hiroshi Tokumaru, the leading person of web security field.

    Our security training is based on "体系的に学ぶ安全なWebアプリケーションの作り方 脆弱性が生まれる原理と対策の実践(Eng: Leaning systematically how to make safe web applications -the mechanism of birth of security hole and its prevention)" also known between developers as "Tokumaru Book". The training is conducted in accordance to the curriculum made by the author of the book Hiroshi Tokumaru.For example, by using " application for seminar" includes brittleness noted in "web health assessment", we can provide seminar nearer to actual situation, and explanation of hand diagnose tool, diagnose method, knowledge against brittleness, also we can respond to high level education to make their own brittleness diagnose.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to conduct vulnerability examinations in-house and be able to give a regular report to users.

We shall be providing intensive lectures focusing on vulnerability diagnosis, and support insourcing by giving continuous backing even after training.

How long should monitor trainings?

For your training, you can select between taking a "half-day course" or a "full-day course". Also, we can send samples of the course's agenda and timetable. Please do not hesitate to contact us about it.

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