We invest in personnel training with our unique program, which makes it possible for us to dispatch personnel who is capable of advertising review as well as advertising submission and placement.

We dispatch human resources with expertise in advertising who have been trained in [Advertising Specialization Personnel Training Program] created based on 10 years’ work experience related to advertising such as submission and review.

This program aims to train human resources to gain expertise like Pharmaceutical Affairs Act and
Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations so that they can review an advertising.
In addition, it can educate human resources to be able to proofread a content of an advertising and provide scrupulous support such as pointing out part of a content that might be considered a violation of the law, making an alternative suggestion, and sharing information regarding the relevant law.
Furthermore, This program can enhance quality of review and improve work business efficiency by promoting self-development and helping human resources get a certification of ”Pharmaceutical Affairs Act Administrator” and ”Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Affairs Act Administrator”

Work Flow

The Service's Strengths and Features

  1. Expertise acquired through 10 years’ work experience related to advertising

    Personnel Training based on special program composed of expertise cultivated through work experiences

  2. Adaptability to any kind of work environments

    Dispatching makes it possible to adapt to any locations and diverse work tool even in case it is difficult to outsource due to information security

  3. Familiarity with the latest advertising trend and Amendment of the relevant law

    We can catch information about the latest advertising trend and amendment of the law since we are a member of Japan Interactive Advertising Association (general incorporated association) and Japan Advertising Review Association(public interest incorporated association)