"Action to comments posted online.
Promote "fanization" of players through assertive communication.

It’s a service where we actively follow up or respond finding posts related to your company such as “requests”, “complaints”, “reviews” etc. on social media like Facebook or X(Twitter) etc. The posts on social media could be expanded widely without reaching out to companies directly so it will be hard to improve this issue timely by just waiting for our customers to contact us. In E-guardian, we actively communicate exaggerating uploads that require our responses out of tremendous numbers of them and build a long term trustworthy relationship between your company and the customers to get your “fans”

Business Flow Chart

Creation of management design to increase customer satisfaction

A system to carry out active support and a specific method of responding to customers differs depending on the product, service, target customer, direction of inquiries etc.
The E-guardian makes good use of their rich experience in the realm of customer support, and after organizing the issues of each business to "enhancing responses to complaints" "stimulating the transformation to fans" etc, we carry out management design such as the "response policy" "reply manual" and the like

Making customers/users "fans" of your company by active communication

Post about products and service of your company will be collected from posts on social media, using know-how earned through post monitoring and social listening. Having active communication for action requiring voice like "Complaint" and "Question" in accordance with the operational design, long term communication with customers/users will become lively and change them into "fans" of your company. We contribute to improvement of customers' satisfaction, making principle and flow of customer care better and suggesting improvement of products and service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would there be no flaming an influx of comments if we approach this assertively?

Staff who knows the user's feelings flexibly responds

Are there any industries leaning towards active support?

Active support is not limited to web-based services. It can become a beneficial means for all businesses, regardless of business type. For businesses who want to improve the current status of their brand image or those who want to achieve customer support as a "venue of important communication with customers", it is a service that we definitely want you to consider.

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