We are ready to respond to enquiries from your users 24/7

At E-Guardian, we assist customer support managers by allowing them to outsource their customer support duties to us. We’ll tailor a service that meets all your needs, including both email and phone support. Please get in touch with us to find out more.

User Support

What Our Clients Want

  • To deal with fluctuations and sudden surges in enquiries
  • To reduce the number of enquiries
  • To improve customer satisfaction ratings

Our Service

1. Responding to Email Enquiries

We handle BtoC enquiries about largely web-based content, such as posts to blogs and social networks, as well as BtoB enquiries relating to booking and advertising sites. All our operators have received training corresponding to International Standard ISO9001, and are ready to offer your users a high-quality service experience.

2. Responding to Phone Enquiries

As well as email, we also take care of phone enquiries. If you order our User Support service as part of your monitoring package, you can look forward to even more rapid turnaround times and a rise in your user satisfaction ratings.

3. Providing Technical Support

We provide uninterrupted year-round support for your users’ technical enquiries on all types of IT products. By making use of FAQ sections and various communication tools, we are able to reduce the cost of enquiries while still providing top-rated support solutions.



  • Our responses are backed up by actual results and expertise.
  • Our highly internet-literate personnel are quick to detect failures and identify the relevant facts.

Introduction and Operation: Step by Step

Step 1: Assess Current Issues

  • Fluctuations and sudden surges in enquiries
  • Need to reduce number of enquiries
  • Need to improve customer satisfaction


Step 2: Operation Design

  • Having grasped essential information like your site’s concept, your user demographics and user enquiry trends, we design your support system, which involves drafting a service policy, and choosing your mail processing and response management systems.


Step 3: Operation Implementation and Assessment

  • We launch operations as per the plan.


Step 4: Reporting

 Results and proposed improvements

  • Risk analysis
  • Improvement of service policy
  • Improvement of the FAQ section
  • Optimization of operations

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Advantages of E-Guardian

  1. Sound Business Record Business with over 300+ websites, Leading Company in the Industry! BIGLOBE, MT, BANDAI NAMCO Games, CCC, @nifty, CA.MOBILE, Infoseek 楽天, Sammy NetWorks
  2. Customizable Service Customizable Operation and Management Meet the Feature of Website!
  3. Quality Assurance Free Trial Available to Experience the High Quality Service.
  4. Reasonable Cost and Speed “Thorough Quality Control” = Low Cost, Speedy Operation in Tokyo and Osaka Center